Our Purpose

On frozen pond

The Desert Oasis Nature Park preserves the historic East Lakes of Rio Rancho, New Mexico and around the lakes the park preserves the natural high desert Open Space.

The Desert Oasis Nature Park provides public recreation opportunities with its Lake Shoreline Nature Trail that includes distance markers and occasional exercise stations.  Paved trails in the park provide for hiking and biking and are handicapped accessible.

The Desert Oasis Nature Park provides opportunities for education as it invites visitors to learn the identity of the many native plants, trees and shrubs as well as the vegetation which has been attracted by the waters of the oasis.  Visitors may also learn about the aquatic animals living in the lakes as well as the many birds and water fowls that are either residents of the lakes or migratory visitors.  Various types of sand and soil are also identified in the park.

The Desert Oasis Nature Park serves goals of the Rio Rancho Comprehensive Plan:  To preserve water resources; to preserve vegetation and natural resources; and to support wildlife habitat.